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Opening on Monday 19th April 2021 at 10:00 AM

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Counseling center for drug addiction, substance abuse, behavioral addictions, marriage counselling- pre-marriage counseling, post-marriage counseling, divorce counseling, student counseling, examination stress counseling, relationship counseling, online addiction counseling, working addiction counseling, anxiety and depression counseling, medical issues counseling to deal with acute illnesses, chronic illnesses and terminal illnesses like cancer counseling.

Counseling Services
  • Individual Counseling
  • Family Counseling
  • Female Counseling
  • Student Counseling
  • Patient Counseling


Start Afresh is committed to promote the overall well-being, retention, and success of our diverse population. This Counseling Centre’s work is guided by ethics, professional standards, and respect for diversity.It is our intention that this Counseling Center be an emotionally safe and respectful environment for members of our society. To this end, we strive to provide quality services which are sensitive to diversity of all kinds including age, gender, race, ethnicity, ability, religion, sexual and gender identities, and values.


Our vision is to create a behavioural healthcare system that is capable of upholding, supporting, and maintaining recovery of our clients.


All aspects of your participation in counseling at this Counseling Center, including the scheduling of appointments, contents of counseling sessions, all contents of counseling records and outcomes of counseling will be kept confidential. A confidential record of the counseling services provided to you will be maintained by the Counseling Center. If you are participating in couple’s counseling, a separate record is kept for each individual, and all confidentiality policies apply independently to each record. Only the specific individual may have access to his or her file. If you are participating in group counseling, group notes are kept and distributed to each individual file, and all confidential policies apply independently to the notes for each individual. An individual may have access only to her or his independent notes. All parts of your record are highly secured, physically and/or electronically, and are protected.

Our Values


We appreciate and respect the diversity and cultural differences of our clients and take into account the many multidimensional aspects of their lives.


We strive to identify with our clients' situations and to have a sense of their feelings and emotions related to their needs. Offering a high level of empathy enhances trust and the quality of care that our clients deserve.


We believe that prudent utilization of resources is essential to providing effectual counseling to our clients. We continually seek appropriate resources to meet our clients' needs.


We assist clients in determining what is right or wrong for them; what works or does not work for them. We uphold clients' rights and advocate for them (Justice). We encourage clients to remain steadfast in their recovery (Fortitude). We help clients achieve a healthy balance between legitimate needs versus excess wants (Temperance).


We strongly uphold moral and ethical principles in our daily practice and in delivery of services. Our clients entrust their wellness to our professional care and expect to be treated, and to receive treatment, in a manner that upholds professional codes and standards.

Caring, Concern, And Compassion

We uphold our clients' wellbeing. It is foremost in the minds and hearts of all our staff.


We value our clients' wellbeing and strive to provide a professional and friendly atmosphere in which they feel welcome and trusting; an environment conducive to the sensitive nature of their needs and to the settings in which our professionals provide treatment to meet those needs.

NDPS & PITNDPS Consultancy

Expert legal consultancy for all kinds of cases booked under NDPS Act & PITNDPS Act will be given by internationally renowned Counter-Narcotics expert Dr. G. Shreekumar Menon, former Director General of National Academy of Customs, Indirect Taxes & Narcotics, Faridabad, NCR. He also holds a Ph.D in Narcotics & Psychotropic Substances from Mangalore University. For an appointment call 9810144308.


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